We produce our own drama/film productions and also work with external clients to whom we offer a complete service from pre-production (Budgeting, Scripting, Casting, Location Planning, etc), through the shoot to post-production. Our directors can handle and translate drama from the page onto the screen; our producers ensure a well managed project with a keen eye on time, quality, cost and good working relationships. We offer a budget-conscious production with skilled scriptwriters, directors, directors of photography, sound recording and post-production personnel.

Film projects: VEHEMENCE


We produce documentaries and specials in the areas of History, Biography, Human stories, Current Affairs, Religion, Travel, Science and Music. We endeavour to deliver challenging works with our unique mark of good quality revelation and story-telling, embraced with an awareness of the requirements of broadcasters and commissioning editors. We embark upon insightful and challenging topics with a fortitude to investigate and explore the subject matter in a responsible and impartial manner. The ethos behind every documentary is a high standard of research and production as we aim for excellent, provocative and ground-breaking films.


Video is a major medium through which companies can communicate important messages for Sales and Promotions, Corporate P.R., Recruitment, Induction and Training. Where brochures, leaflets and other direct marketing literature fails, the unique visual quality of corporate videos can succeed. Corporate videos are an affordable and entertaining way to pass on information.We research the requirements thoroughly and recognise the importance of understanding the client’s objectives and target audience. We can produce promotional videos for conferences and seminars, create DVD’s for staff induction and training videos. As technology evolves and the opportunities and effectiveness of multi-media is utilised by companies, business communications now have a new dimension on the internet – fast, flexible and broadcast quality. Video and interactivity give opportunities to simultaneously accomplish several objectives such as branding, direct response and data capture.


Our creative and talented team of writers, directors, and producers work closely with the client to produce effective television commercials. We provide a fully detailed budget, clearly identifying, all the stages of pre-production, filming and post-production. The budget will include production options to help the client make the right and affordable decision. The scripts for all commercials are cleared by the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) before the commercials go into production. Our commercials are filmed over the minimum number of shoot days possible, so as to keep costs down. The narration, music and required sounds are recorded in our fully equipped digital studio, using industry standard Pro Tools systems. Our in-house music composers and producers can compose original music to any required brief. Upon completion of the commercial and approval again by the BACC, we can send transmission tapes on to TV stations if required.


We specialise in music videos and artiste promo videos, working closely with the artiste and record label to produce videos to create videos with the desired style and image. Using the latest in digital video technology, we can deliver industry standard videos at reasonable prices whilst striving for innovation, visual creativity and originality. Our music video production service encompasses writing the treatment and storyboard, casting, location scouting, the shoot, post-production and delivery in formats prescribed by the TV stations as well as internet video. Once the client’s budget for the production is made known to us, the first thing we do is tailor a suitable production plan. We then develop the concept, giving due consideration to genre, image and lyrical content.